In this blog, I say many things. It’s Picobubble, the BF3 player, that express them from his own limited perspective. I do not pretend to expose great truth about the game and if I talk about tactics or behaviour, it doesn’t mean I am a good warrior or a psychologist. I do mention some players here and there. I do not know any of them personally. I have been in contact with some of them more often than others and when I say things about them, I am aware that I am talking about what I see from my perspective only. Also, we use chat to communicate within the game. We say a lot of things there sometimes. Since we do not use our voice, intonations, right expressions or terms, that can lead to misunderstanding and quarrels. But I am not responsible for anyone’s reactions to what I write there and in my blog. You are not responsible for my reactions to what you tell me. Let that be clear. If ever I say something about you that you don’t like in this blog, let me know. It’s easy to reach me by email or by leaving a public comment. Whatever you think, I do not take myself very seriously here and in the field.


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