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I am a researcher in musicology. My fields of research are the history of American film music and the theory and analysis of music for moving images. But I like gaming too! So, on November 2, 2014, after a year and a half of playing Battlefield 3, I decided to create a blog about it. Picobubble’s War Blog. So it’s Pico that does the job. Not my alternate personality.

It doesn’t mean I will post articles only about this game. The goal is to share my thoughts about a few things that came to me while playing. In a way, it’s very selfish. It seems I need to write from time to time about something else than music, my main interest.

Although I usually do speak French (but I am not from France – I was born in Québec), the articles are mostly written in English. It’s the language we use in BF3 games in North America. It gives me the opportunity to practice my bilingualism! But I may eventually write a few articles in French.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with me, but please make sure you read the disclaimer.


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