cctoolkits.comAt the end of some matches, or sometimes in the middle of them, I can read comments in the chat about what players think of the other team and even their own team. The usual insults show how proud they are from having won a match, telling the other bunch of guys that their team is better than theirs. I would understand that in a context where the teams are fixed for a whole match. However, from my own experiences, teams are changing all the time!

The servers I connect to are rarely full and players come and go through the matches. When the amount of players in each team is unbalanced (I am not talking about the grade or the score of each player), the system sends a player or more in the other team, thus changing the balance of power. I have seen many scenarios about autobalance. How many times have you been switched towards the losing team, swearing along your way to respawn and asking yourself why you were chosen?

Sometimes generous souls will switched team by themselves, to help the other team, or because they anticipating a change of fortune! Some that do the later should speculate on the market…

The point is that any team is transforming itself mostly all the time throughout the match. It is not surprising, then, to read some comments about how « this team sucks » – a trademark that stick to some well known players -, or how « we don’t work together », etc. When teams are well balanced and stable from the start, we can play interesting matches. But if they change too much, it’s hard to catch the momentum of good intuitive teamwork, making the gameplay less interesting. The problem is that we can’t do anything about this aspect of the game and have to live with it, doing our best in each situations.

Yes, there are some conjunctions that make a team less efficient than another and, indeed, there are « bad » team. Is it necessary to mention it, especially when it’s your own team? Does it help to chat « noob team », « you’re a bunch of idiots » and other encouraging words? Instead, those who write these things should try to provide sound strategic or tactical advices. If it doesn’t work or no one listens to your suggestions, just finish the game as you will, but don’t shit on other players head.

The most basic things an organised structure such as an army will use is hierarchy command through which orders will be given and must be followed, and a good system of communication. Both of these lack in BF3, so when a team seems to be in the Pee-Wee category, it doesn’t mean all its members are dumb asses. In the context of BF3, positive advices are always better than negative complaints about team’s status.

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