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KingIconOn Nov. 8, 2014, I played a match with a lot of Colonels with a 100 Service Star (COL100). Here is the Report Battle. It was on the Bandar Desert map and we were playing, as usual, on Armored Noobs server. I was in the Russian team and we won.

I like to play with pros, but when there are many, so they can fight each other. That is if the strenght of both teams is balanced! The game finished with 10 of them: Rifleman71, 22SAS-Puggy, Vv-sh4rk-vV, Roush427R, Soldier1222 and Uh_Oh_Scott on the Russian team; IC_Buz, Glimmer-II-, MongDD and Morecars147 on the USA team. That was not like that all along, but I can’t keep track of all the changes that happen during a match, of course. Obviously, USA’s COL100 entered the game at a later time since they are not in the top of the final score list, some having 0 at the end. However, there were a lot of them on the top of my team. Soon the match became a domination of the Russians over the Americains. I don’t really like that situation, even when I am in the winning team, but that’s another story.

Some accusations about cheating and hacking came in the chat. Nothing new, but always interesting. Read my previous article about hacking. The main targets, if I remember well, were Rifle and Puggy (I should record theses games, in case I need more «real» facts, but my memory will suffice here). I think a votekick was issued too, but ended in nothingness. Other players, like Comrade_Cucumber and me, mentioned that they were simply good players and were probably not cheating.

At one point, Rifle mentioned he was not «good». Mmm. I am not convinced. But maybe we have different meanings for that word. The Oxford dictionary mentions that good means, among other definitions, « having the required qualities; of a high standard. » I think that fits Rifle’s profile. And that he have high standard expectancies from his fellow teammates too. Sometime, he do not hesitate to mention that « there are bad players » in his team. That’s probably true. In most cases, I would say inexperienced instead. But if there are bad players, there must be good ones too, no? There are a lot of extremely good ones in fact, and many of them were playing that match.

I jumped when Puggy said «we are average players, the rest is shit!». Hey, thank you! That is encouraging. I hope that it doesn’t reflect what all pros and kings are thinking! And I don’t think Puggy is an average player. Of course, if you consider ALL the players that have ever been in BF3, maybe he’s right. I do not really know. I am talking about players that play now and, most of the time, that play with me. It seems that there are less and less servers to play that game (at least when filtering servers with the Premium check box activated), and we are part of a temporary and ever changing community. In that community, most players I mentionned above are, at least, good players or have pretty efficient skills in their own field of expertise.

I tried to find stats about the average players, but mostly found overall stats like in the Leaderboards or the general BF3 stats page. It is difficult for most players under COL100 to evaluate their place in the sum total of BF3 statistics. If you have some, please let me know.

Many excellent players like Rifle, Puggy, Sh4rk, Mong, name them… are some sort of virtuosos. When you begin playing a piano, you have to think about all the gestures, the keys you need to strike, the score you have to decifer, your posture in front of the instrument, etc. After long hours and years of practice, you do not need to think about that anymore. You simply play and bypass the interface (here the piano) between you and the music itself. That’s what these guys do. They play the music and don’t think about managing most commands, the vehicules they use, the moves they make on the field in the infite possibilities of the games. They are like jazzmen improvising on a theme, listening to the other players and adapting rapidly to any chords, key changes, beats or tempo. They excel in that and this is why their required qualities to be among the bests can give some other players the impression they cheat or hack.

It is unfortunate for them not to be able to play all the time with other experts, but there are not enough active COL100 players theses days to fill a whole 64 slots server in our commun area. So they have to play with fucking newbies, shitty and ordinary players like me. I bet they like that somehow, because that gives them the opportunity to keep their skills in good shape and their nice score. I should not complain too much about that because I may one day become one of them, if ever these online games last long enough!

Note : The above image comes from iconETC website.