BF3funnypics1Have you ever attempted suicide in Battlefield 3? Probably. And it surely did work efficiently. Press ESC on your PC, select the Suicide function with your mouse or keyboard arrows, then clic it and you’re back to base.[1] There are situations where this game feature can be useful. Of course, you can also drop a grenade and jump on it or leave a pack of C4 at your feet then blow yourself to get the same result. Some players will say it’s coward to do so. I don’t think so. When you are in the middle of a desert or a field, surrounded by tanks and/or helicopters, your chance of surviving are extremely low. You can try to hide flat on the ground (it rarely works!) or jump here and there while running to nothingness and last a few more seconds. But the probability of your death is near 100%.

It can also happen that you will find yourself on the map where there’s no close resources such as vehicules, temporary shelters, teammates, ammo, etc. You might then choose to suicide. You decide. There is no shame in doing that in BF3. As a consequence of tactically killing yourself, you can save some time by getting back to base faster and renew your war efforts. Althought your team loses a ticket – which would have been taken off most of the time anyway – you don’t give a kill to the enemy and the points that go with it. If I am correct, it will not affect your own kill streak. If you have, lets say, a 10 kills domination and you suicide, your next kill will be the 11th.

Most of the time, however, you won’t have the chance or the time to suicide in extreme situations. The ennemy will kill you first. That’s life…

Personally, it happens I kill myself when I use the AA and I am in a situation such as the Kobayashi Maru test, meaning some sort of impossible situation. If the AA is disabled and I know the attacker will strike again soon, I stay in the vehicule until the last second possible – until the «get the fuck out » alarm sounds – and then suicide (if the ennemy did not hit yet). My problem or mistake here is that, as an Engineer, I don’t carry a repair kit. I usually mine fields, roads and flags area. It is a questionable choice when using the AA, but that’s how I play it so far. If you escape the AA and survive the attack – which often comes from jets or helicopters from a certain distance (if an heli pilot gets close to me, he will be killed swiftly) – you will have to continue fighting on the field, of course. The advantage of suiciding is that you will have a better chance to get back in the AA as you’ll spawn at base with it at about the same time, keeping you in the loop of using that vehicule.

Don’t care about players saying you’re a chicken to suicide and have no honor because you do not die fighting. We are not Klingons. We use tools and functions in a limited system to achieve a goal. We might not share the same goals all the time, but, since dying in BF3 doesn’t hurt, using the suicide option might even help your team winning a match.

[1] Doing this once will give you the option to procede faster next time, because the suicide option will already be selected. Just press ESC then ENTER, instead of losing time selecting it with your mouse.

Note : The funny pic was taken from the German website []