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TankBandarDesertThere are many players like Habsbiz. They like to ram their team’s AA. On November 4, while playing USA on a Bandar Desert map, I usually play on United Noob servers, I was using the AA. Most flags were taken at that time and I got blasted a few times before near our base by tanks and Engineers. As I disabled a few jets and killed pilots, on the main road, midway between our base and the Village South (A), a bright and intelligent player began ramming the AA. Although Habsbiz was not an experienced player, he (probably a he) was only playing since 130 hours under that avatar at that time, that was not an accident. He was insistent, annoying and kept ramming to a point it was impossible for me to do my job. I usually do that with a respectable efficiency, although I am definitely not among the best players in that vehicule. I told the idiot [1] to stop ramming me. He kept doing that for a few minutes, even while we were under attack by the ennemy’s gunship. I tried to votekick him, without success.

The point is, if you are a player that ram fellow soldiers for fun, know that it is NOT fun at all. Althought BF3 is a game, it’s not that way most players have fun. It’s by participating in some way in the battle and using their skills in the best way possible. So if you have a head on your shoulder, please don’t do that.

If cucumber brain wanted to tell me something else than «I like to ram your tank bro», why not use the chat? Usually, when players are ramming their own team’s AA, it’s for at least two reasons. 1) The player is frustrated not to have the AA. 2) The player wants the AA pilot to use the vehicule as he conceives what should be his job. Regarding 1, this is an unacceptable way of managing frustration. If you can’t handle those situations, just don’t play and annoy other players. Regarding 2, most of the time, it’s because the AA pilot stays near the base and the rammer wants him to fight on further in the theater of operation. Same thing here: ramming is not an option. Use your keyboard. Maybe the AA pilot have good reasons to stay close to his base.

People like that should be expelled from a match. The problem is that since there are usually no witnesses, the votekick doens’t concern much people and don’t work. If you are a nooby or a more advanced player that rams to convey a message, think twice before doing theses stupid things.

[1] Just for future reference, when I say someone is an idiot or whatever the word I use, I don’t mean the player himself, but his behavior. In fact, I don’t know him and only refer to his activities inside the virtual world of BF3 at that particular moment.

Note : The picture is a screen capture from Wrutschgeluck on Flickr on Nov. 4, at [https://www.flickr.com/photos/96503946@N03/10414026624/in/photostream/], where you can see nice pics from BF3 maps and more.