Who the hell is Triquette?

Just a word to explain myself about the fact that I sometimes use a friend’s account. I played only one EA/BF3 account since about 3 years under the name Picobubble. I never played any other games under that name. The reason why I began to play comes from a friend of mine that was playing BF3 in 2012. I really liked that but my computer was not powerful enough to run the program. I couldn’t play home. So I eventually bought another computer and started playing BF3 as Picobubble. That friend is Triquette.

But Triquette stopped playing after about 50 hours! Meanwhile I played a lot, mostly on United Noob Armored Kill server (now they merged some maps on Armored Noobs Aftermath), where I became one of the 10 top players.* That doesn’t mean that I am a very good player! I see Picobubble as a tough and persistent opponent, mostly skilled in tanks, but not very polyvalent, like many other players. But that’s another story I may discuss later.

When I was closer to be a Colonel 100, I freaked out a little. I didn’t want to become one of them! But it was unavoidable, unless I stopped playing that caracter. I then asked Triquette if he wanted his player to get new guns and abilities! « I can play it from time to time, so you’ll have new features to use and guns to kill with. » Yah, sure, why not, he said. And I borrored his account.

But Triquette rarely plays these days, so if you see that player in the field, it might be me, Pico. I mention that here because just a few players know that and others sometimes think that Triquette is cheating. CSI-RJ and others accused me of that recently on an Armored Shields match. If I would have played under Pico the Col 100 (rank 145) instead of Triquette the Col 8 (rank 53), they may have think otherwise. Anyway, that covers what I wanted to share today.

*On this day, February 28, 2016, here’s the list I captured on the server’s website. (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Top 10 Players on Armored Noobs Aftermath